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LED corn bulb

As the forth generation light source, LED corn lamp is currently recognized as a “green light”.


Equipped with the latest design technology basic on the market demand, LED corn bulb combines high brightness and good heat dissipation, low weight and excellent energy efficient. These corn light can reach up to 5,0000 lifespan and maintain a super birght LEDs in it’s whole life, so you can save more money to buy more led corn lights.


There LED retrofit kit can send out 360 degree optics, undering the imput power of AC100-277V and AC100-240V, LED corn bulb can take the full advantage of light source, there’s is no doubt that, they are the best replacement for the enclosed and open fixtures, including the shoebox light, garden light, canopy light. More than everything else, these LED corn lamps can replace three times of traditional HID fixtures.


As technology become more and more advance basically the use of led lighting become more and more popular for modern generation.


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