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LED Corn Light

LED light plays a important roles in human being. In the past, we have been using the traditional lighting like metal halide light, mercury vapour, MH bulbs, but they all have mercury inside and we know this kind of material will create a serious environmental pollution, so people trying to discover a new lighting to replace the traditional light, naturally the Led light came out.


Definitely, LED corn light is a great invention in LED world.  LED corn light can replace the traditional lighting directly, widely used in open and enclosed fixture. These LED corn light has an ideal optics, it’s viewing angle can reach to 360 degree, continuously it will reduced waste and save source. Somebody called LED corn light as long lifespan light that never dies, cause these LED corn light can maintain 50,000 hours with brighten lighting. Moreover, these LED corn light do not have fans inside, the driver is isolated form the lamp body, cooling turns to be better. There is no doubt that LED corn light is increasing recently, it becomes a strong power in commercial lighting, housing lighting and industry lighting.

SNC has more than 11 years experience in LED corn light, profession creates brand, SNC is a master of  LED corn light.! If you are interest in this LED corn light, please contact us directly.

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